How can I Increase my Income, Influence & Energy Easier, Faster?

The answer is to get rid of that extra friction in your life and business. Release the hidden hand brakes to you getting the results and lifestyle that you want by using the proven Growth Whispering System. We will personally guide you to make small shifts naturally that last a lifetime and achieve huge results without a lot of work and worry. Here are some of the results you can expect to enjoy in a very short period of time.

Your Results

  • Be Healthier, Happier for Longer
  • Have More Energy and Focus
  • Get More Done in Less Time
  • Have Clearer Work Life Direction
  • Have Greater Self Confidence
  • Enjoy More Passionate and Playful Family Relationships
  • Have Closer More Productive Working Relationships
  • Gain More Influencing and Leadership Impact
  • Build Top Team Results with Less Hassles
  • Achieve Double Digit Increases in Sales & Profit
  • Get Multi-Million Dollar Business Results
  • Have More Time, Money & Financial Freedom
  • Get the House, Holidays & Lifestyle You Want
  • Build a Nest Egg for You and the Next Generation
  • Leave a Legacy that’s Truly Fulfilling

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How to Have Richer Relationships

October 15, 2013

The answer is to CARE.

GROWTH STORY: Picture two young men. We’ll call them Joe & Sam. Joe asked Sam to do a small task for him. Sam forgot. Joe asked again, Sam forgot again. Next thing they’re having an argument. Now they only talk about unimportant stuff. Sound familiar? Why does this happen?

Even though these two ‘blokes’ found it hard to admit, when Sam forgot to do what Joe asked him to do, Joe felt ‘disrespected’, like Sam ‘didn’t care’. And when Joe was really honest, he discovered he actually felt ‘hurt’.

GROWTH INSIGHT: The most common reaction to getting hurt is to hurt back. Rather than admit that, we often accuse the other person of not caring. When in fact, we care a lot, hence our hurt. [ Read More ]


What’s your Self-Worth worth?

September 30, 2013

Your self-worth directly impacts your RESULTS and RELATIONSHIPS.

Let’s say your Self-Worth is knowing that you have something of value to offer others.

In terms of RESULTS. If you’re not crystal clear about what you have to offer, then you’re going to be on the back foot in any negotiation – be it the prices you charge or the salary you’re paid. So your PROFITS and INCOME are directly affected by your self-worth.

And self-worth also impacts your RELATIONSHIPS. Researchers found the biggest predictor of people who achieve higher sales, and build richer relationships, are people who initiate more conversations with more new people. And guess what, you’re much more likely to initiate conversations with someone new when you know you have something to offer. Pretty obvious really.

So HOW DO YOU GROW YOUR SELF-WORTH? After working with thousands of people for over 30 years, here’s what I’ve discovered. [ Read More ]


Why do we baulk or rush in sometimes?

August 26, 2013

GROWTH STORY – I was thinking about buying some shares & I baulked. As a result I missed the opportunity to buy the stock at a lower price. Now the price is higher I’m tempted to jump in & buy anyway. Sound familiar? Why do we sometimes baulk at taking action or other times rush in too quickly?

Because we resist tiny moments of discomfort, like the discomfort of making a mistake/loss. Had I been willing to make a mistake/loss, I would have seen the situation more clearly & made a more prompt & effective decision.
[ Read More ]






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