Abundance Driver CD

Abundance Driver CD


Get all the abundance that you want personally, professionally and financially in just 30 days. Follow the step-by-step Abundance Driver System and release the hidden handbrakes to you delivering your true talents to the people who truly value what you have to offer. Whether you want to fast track your career or business, the Abundance Driver CDs are packed with high impact insights and techniques that will enrich your relationships, and accelerate the praise and payments you receive in your life and business.

Your abundance starts with you. It’s hard to have all the abundance that you want if you’ve got habits and comfort zones that are subtly restricting your life and business. So your first step is to use the Growth Whispering System to release any hidden hand brakes that create extra friction and frustrations. This clears the way for you to use the six phase Abundance Driver Cycle to systematically generate more abundance in your profits and income, your partnerships and influence, and your passion and energy.

The first step in using the Abundance Driver Cycle is to identify your ‘Super Powers’. Through a life changing exercise, you pinpoint exactly what are your true talents. Then whether you’re an employee or business owner, you’ll use our insights around delivering value to people to discover who are your target ‘Prospects and Partners’. Knowing who values your talents the most is a huge advantage in your career and business, empowering you to have extra confidence and clarity about your work life focus.

Next we walk you through how to map out your ‘Super Power Products and Procedures’ so that you deliver maximum value. Maximizing your value maximizes your abundance. Finally you’ll receive fresh insights and simple techniques on how to ‘Promote your ‘Super Power Products’/ services to your target Prospects and Partners – be they your fellow work colleagues and boss or your your clients and shareholders. It doesn’t matter, our easy effective techniques motivate people to commit. Then we provide you with more valuable methods on how to ‘Perform on Your Promises’, to sustain richer relationships and thus receive an abundance of ‘Praise and Payments’. The Abundance Driver Cycle is your path to have more abundance in all the key areas of your life.





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