EBook: Growth Whispering: Double Your Income, Influence and Energy in Nine Simple Steps

EBook: Growth Whispering: Double Your Income, Influence and Energy in Nine Simple Steps


Double your income, influence and energy easier, faster, forever by using the Growth Whispering System to pinpoint hidden hand brakes. No more ‘Teflon Coated Change’, make shifts that really stick without a lot of effort and energy. Watch your wealth and wellbeing grow naturally without the friction and frustrations of having hand brakes in your life and business. Learn how to read people and how to motivate them to perform to their best and support your success. Build a culture of personal accountability that gives you more time to do what you love, and grow your sales, profits and wealth by double-digit percentages in a very short period of time.

Combining the insights and techniques accumulated by David Williams from over 20 years, the book provides leaders, professionals, investors and individuals with a system for identifying the hidden hand brakes that cause extra friction in your relationships, results and rewards.

Key insights are brought to life with case studies drawn from real life challenges faced by real people. Clearly explained exercises guide you to pinpoint hidden hand brakes that are making achieving what you want more stressful, time consuming and costly than it really needs to be.

The Growth Whispering System provides you with a range of easy to remember solutions that release your hand brakes on your success, including methods that grow your confidence, clarity and decision making. Empowering you to capitalize on life changing opportunities more promptly, enriching your personal and work life, giving you a greater sense of control over your life and business.

The book also reveals proven techniques of how to resolve difficult relationships that may be distracting and draining you of vital energy. Easy to follow templates give you a clear plan of what to say and do with people so that relationships become your assets, rather than your liabilities.

And in terms of the many tasks you have in your life and work, you’ll also discover what really causes overwhelm. Learn how to handle the myriad of tasks in your life, so that you boost your personal productivity and achieve more in less time with greater calm.

All these personal insights and leadership techniques are distilled into the Growth Whispering Questions. A system of leadership that enables you to see into other people’s limitations and know how to motivate others to want to make lasting changes that transform their performance and their lives. Leaders and professionals who have mastered Growth Whispering Questions know how to get the best out of themselves and other people. They build teams of people (and families) who want to see each other succeed. In short, the book is a journey of personal transformation and a ‘how to’ guide to growing your profits, partnerships and passion easier, faster, forever.

This book will be a turning point in making lasting shifts in your life, family and business. David’s ultimate wish is for you, the reader, to gain more enjoyment out of achieving more of what you want. In other words, to enjoy ‘Complete Success’.





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