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Bilateral Stimulation/Freedom

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Bilateral Freedom CD


Make small shifts stick and achieve huge results that last a lifetime by listening to the specially engineered music on the Bilateral Freedom CD. A key part of the unique Growth Whispering process, the Bilateral Freedom CD empowers you to release any hidden hand brakes that are creating extra friction in your relationships and results. By listening for only eight minutes each day, you’ll re-write your life and free yourself to achieve whatever results and lifestyle you want, easier, faster, forever.

Have you ever gone to a course and didn’t put into practice most of what you learnt? Why? It’s because your ‘emotional battery’ is still sparking off. When you react, its not a choice, you just do it don’t you? And have you noticed how those reactions restrict your relationships and results? If you really want to make sustained gains in your life and business without a lot of energy and effort, then discover how listening to the Bilateral Freedom music for just eight minutes a day discharges your emotional battery naturally, making it easy to implement shifts and achieve results, without so much friction and frustration. Bilateral Freedom is the difference between ‘Teflon Coated’ training and achieving results that last a lifetime.

Use our unique Emotional Discharge Process, and you’ll be free to take actions that are more appropriate and effective to handle whatever situation you are facing. Without the charge of your emotional battery, the Bilateral Freedom CD empowers you to get more done in less time, build closer more productive relationships with work colleagues, family and friends. And that makes it much easier for you to achieve the results you really want, and have time to enjoy a great lifestyle. Make listening to the four Bilateral Freedom tracks part of your daily work life routine, and watch how much clearer, calmer, confident and in control you and your life becomes.

For those who have completed our ‘Growth Whispering Pro’ program, the Bilateral Freedom CD is a vital part of your Growth Whispering practice. Enjoy the satisfaction of seeing how your clients make lasting breakthroughs, perform at their best and turn their dreams into reality. When you’ve mastered Growth Whispering, you’re always in demand and your life becomes much easier.





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