What’s your Self-Worth worth?

Your self-worth directly impacts your RESULTS and RELATIONSHIPS.

Let’s say your Self-Worth is knowing that you have something of value to offer others.

In terms of RESULTS. If you’re not crystal clear about what you have to offer, then you’re going to be on the back foot in any negotiation – be it the prices you charge or the salary you’re paid. So your PROFITS and INCOME are directly affected by your self-worth.

And self-worth also impacts your RELATIONSHIPS. Researchers found the biggest predictor of people who achieve higher sales, and build richer relationships, are people who initiate more conversations with more new people. And guess what, you’re much more likely to initiate conversations with someone new when you know you have something to offer. Pretty obvious really.

So HOW DO YOU GROW YOUR SELF-WORTH? After working with thousands of people for over 30 years, here’s what I’ve discovered.

Simply ask yourself, What do I DO WELL AND ENJOY? These are your ‘Talents‘; the skills and personal qualities that enable you to do certain types of work better and faster than other people whose talents lie in other areas. Knowing exactly what your talents are is the first step in growing your self-worth.

The next step is to ask yourself, How do using my talents IMPACT on other peoples’ work and personal lives?

For example, say your talent is fixing computers. At work your CLIENTS and COLLEAGUES probably rely upon you to get their computers working again so that they can get their work done. If that’s you, then your talent directly impacts many peoples’ productivity and service levels … which in turn has a big effect on their organisations’ results. Amongst your FAMILY and FRIENDS, your capability to fix computers probably means you save your loved ones a lot of frustration and time dealing with technology. And that means you all communicate more easily and potentially enjoy more leisure time together. Get the idea? Now it’s your turn. What’s the FULL positive impact of you using your talents with your clients and colleagues at work, and personally, with your family and friends?

Once you’ve described the full impact of your talents, ask yourself, What’s the DOLLAR VALUE of the FULL impact my talents have on people’s lives and organisations? Or put another way, if you DIDN’T use your talents effectively, what would be the FULL COST to these people/organisations?

Quantifying the value of your talents is a LIFE SKILL that’s crucial whenever you enter a negotiation. Without having that inner certainty of knowing you have something of value to offer, you’re much more likely to either ‘sell yourself short’ or ‘come across as cocky’ (or some other over or under reaction). Neither is attractive, and both will restrict your results and relationships.

So that’s why at OUR LAST RESULTS & RELATIONSHIPS MEETING we spent some time recognising the full impact of the group’s talents and quantified their total value – a huge $955,000.

Warmly, David Williams

PS: Some readers may feel that quantifying your talents is ‘dehumanising‘, ‘materialistic‘, or something similar. Taken to an extreme, I agree. AND I invite you to CHECK THIS OUT. Does the task of quantifying your self-worth make you feel at all uncomfortable, even for a moment. If it does, then is it possible that you are resisting that discomfort and reacting with a rationalisation that allows you to avoid or reduce that discomfort? A key way to tell is to ask yourself: Does continuing to believe my counter argument(s) contribute (even subtly) to me continuing to not get the rewards and recognition that I really want? If the answer is ‘Yes’, then you’re probably dealing with a RESTRICTING RATIONALISATION. Consider this: What’s another way of thinking that acknowledges the tangible impact your self-worth has on your profits/income, AND also recognises the intrinsic worth of who you are as a human being? How could both be true? Such a belief is more likely to support, rather than restrict your growth.





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