Why do we baulk or rush in sometimes?

GROWTH STORY – I was thinking about buying some shares & I baulked. As a result I missed the opportunity to buy the stock at a lower price. Now the price is higher I’m tempted to jump in & buy anyway. Sound familiar? Why do we sometimes baulk at taking action or other times rush in too quickly?

Because we resist tiny moments of discomfort, like the discomfort of making a mistake/loss. Had I been willing to make a mistake/loss, I would have seen the situation more clearly & made a more prompt & effective decision.

Now this story is not only about buying shares. It could also apply to you buying a product, committing to a relationship or even attending a simple meeting. Whenever we resist, we restrict our relationships & results.

GROWTH INSIGHT: Instead of resisting, actively accept. Whenever we separate, we suffer.

The alternative is to momentarily allow the discomfort to wash through your body and then see the situation more clearly and calmly. This is different from giving up or being a witness to your thoughts and feelings. Both keep you separate from the part of you experiencing the discomfort. Whenever we separate, we suffer.

Actively accepting the moment of discomfort is a choice that makes us complete. Spontaneously you become more calm and clear to take actions that are a better fit for the particular circumstances you are dealing with. And that in turn grows our relationships and results more easily and quickly.


David Williams.





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